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Clinics today face rising costs and growing administrative workloads. Are you one of them?

Managing appointments, billing, referrals, prescriptions, and data entry manually bogs down staff and creates friction for patients. But intelligent automation finally provides a solution to streamline cumbersome workflows and eliminate repetitive tasks.

Let’s explore the top 5 high-impact clinic process automation use cases:

Patient Scheduling and Registration:

- Automate appointment scheduling, registration, insurance verification with bots

- Save 4 hours per employee per week

- Seamlessly integrate with EHR system for easy form filling and validation

- Enable self-service booking 24/7

Medical Billing:

- Automation bots accelerate billing by auto

- Checking eligibility, coding claims, and following up on unpaid claims

- Reduce claim errors by 90% through payer policy adherence

- Shorten payment cycles by up to 80% through faster processing

Referral Management:

- Intelligent automation coordinates referrals seamlessly

- Bots track status and route referrals to the correct staff

- Eliminate misplaced faxes, undelivered messages, and follow

- Up confusion

Prescription Management:

- Automate renewal requests, pharmacy communications, and tracking

- Ensure patients get medication on time and providers have full visibility

- Reduce the chance of errors from manual re-entry of prescription info

Data Entry:

- AI data entry bots input info 3x faster than humans with 100% accuracy

- Automate data entry of unstructured medical docs like PDFs and scans

- Free up staff time from deciphering poor handwriting or typos

Clinic automation is now within reach! Let us assess where intelligent bots can have the biggest impact on streamlining your workflows.


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